January 29, 2023
Abduction of younger sister by falling in love with elder sister

Abduction of younger sister by falling in love with elder sister

Abduction of younger sister by falling in love with elder sister

After failing in love with the elder sister, he kidnapped the younger sister and demanded ransom. A young man named Sayer Alam Pavel. He worked as a painter by profession. But sometimes he introduced himself as a BBA, MBA degree holder, sometimes as a magistrate’s son. The police gave this information after rescuing the abductee and arresting Pavel and his two accomplices from Tangail Mirzapur.

Md. Sayer Alam Pavel. Although he was a painter by profession, he belonged to a noble family. Pavel proposes love to Khadija Akhter, mezzo daughter of Mohammad Ali, a grocer of Tejgaon area. If Khadija did not agree, he harassed her on the street for a long time. After that, when Khadija got married elsewhere, Pavel targeted her younger sister Ayesha Akhtar to take revenge.

The expatriate abducted Ayesha (14) from her home on August 14, after tempting her to marry her younger brother. At one stage, Pavel demanded a ransom from Ayesha’s family. Through his accomplice Jahangir, he demanded a ransom of Tk 120,000 from the victim’s father, otherwise he threatened to sell Ayesha to a brothel.

Then on August 18, Ayesha’s father filed a case at Tejgaon Shilpanchal Police Station. After the case, the police entered the field. Ayesha was rescued within 24 hours of the case. At that time accused Pavel along with his two accomplices were arrested from Mirzapur in Tangail.

The arrested persons are: Md. Sayer Alam Pavel (34), Md. Sheikh Alamgir (23) and Md. Jahangir Alam (35).

Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Tejgaon Division of DMP HM Azimul Haque said these things in a press conference at his office on Friday (August 19).

Abduction of younger sister by falling in love with elder sister

He said that Pavel kidnapped Ayesha to take revenge out of personal anger. The girl was abducted and kept in Jahangir’s house in Tangail. He is accused in two other cases. From this, the police believe that the arrested persons are members of a women trafficking gang. But the matter can be confirmed in the next investigation.

Mirzapur police station in Tangail has two women abduction cases against the arrested persons. The police is also looking into whether they have any connection with the women trafficking ring.

In the press conference, the members of the law enforcement force advised the parents to be careful about where the children are mixing with whom on the Internet due to the free flow of information technology.