After a lethargic beginning, ladies’ soccer dominates the match with a 5-0 shutout

Ladies’ soccer went head to head against Morehead State University in the main Ohio Valley Conference home match and dominated the game 5-0, with all objectives being scored in the second 50% of the game. The main objective of the game was scored after SIUE constrained Morehead State to score on their own objective.

Neither one of the groups scored an objective during the principal half of the game. SIUE had 11 shots on objective, while Morehead University had just two shots on objective.

Lydia Harris, a senior safeguard, said the group got a few opportunities in the principal half to score yet didn’t finish despite the fact that the group was cooperating great.

“We most certainly [had] a ton of chances in the main half however we weren’t completing on them,” Harris said.

After halftime the game got, SIUE scored five objectives in the following 45 minutes. The main objective of the game was scored not exactly a moment after the subsequent half began. Morehead State University had to score on their own objective, giving SIUE the primary objective of the game.

Lead trainer Derek Burton said the group just talked for about a moment during halftime, and said that he underlined getting the energy up.

“We just had a fast word and made it clear we need to get our presentation an indent as far as energy and direness in our game. That was number one,” Burton said.

Under three minutes after the fact, SIUE scored once more. MacKenzie Litzsinger, a redshirt senior forward, was helped by Megan Keeven, a redshirt senior protector, and Lily Schnieders, a sophomore forward.

Keeven said the guard cooperated to get the ball around the field and up towards the objective.

“I think out and out like we’re exceptionally durable in our backline, and through the midfield. We’re ready to get a ton of passes from the back and interface through the midfield … [it] had an immense effect,” Keeven said.

SIUE scored again five minutes after the fact, putting the score at 3-0. Maria Haro, a lesser forward, was helped by Schnieders and Litzsinger, with clean passes from the back.

The Cougars scored their fourth objective of the game in minute 70 of the game. Kaitlyn Nichols, a green bean forward, was helped by Sidney Christopher, a sophomore midfielder, for Nichols’ first university objective.

SIUE scored their fifth objective of the game, after three shots on objective all obstructed by Morehead State goalkeeper. Holy messenger Ikeda, a midfield senior, was helped by Christopher to score the last objective of the game as of now.

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