Andy Murray uncovers he’s in ‘terrible books’ with spouse Kim after sneakers were taken with wedding band connected

Andy Murray has said he is in the “terrible books” with spouse Kim after his sneakers were taken – with his wedding band connected to them.

The British tennis star is getting ready to play at Indian Wells in California interestingly starting around 2017, where he was conceded a special case to contend.

However, he has wound up giving a video appeal to his adherents from his lodging following the “horrible thought” to leave his moist and sweat-soaked sneakers under his vehicle to dry for the time being, failing to remember his wedding band was joined to the shoelaces.

Murray, 34, clarified he can’t wear his wedding band on the court so consistently attaches it to his shoes while he plays.

He said he passed on the shoes under his vehicle to dry out for the time being so they wouldn’t “smell the room out” – yet they had disappeared upon his return toward the beginning of the day.


It was just when his physio inquired as to why he wasn’t wearing his wedding band that he understood he had left it attached to his shoes.

“The previous evening after supper I got back in the vehicle to return to the lodging and the vehicle didn’t smell incredible,” Murray clarified in an Instagram video.

“Fundamentally, I’d left my sneakers in there. It’s been 39 degrees so my sneakers are really soggy, sweat-soaked. So I chose when I returned to the lodging that the shoes required some air, I expected to dry them out a smidgen.

“I have no gallery in my room and I would not like to leave them in my room as it would smell the room out. So I thought I will leave the shoes under the vehicle, to get some air to them and dry them out for the time being.”

Murray, who has been hitched to spouse Kim starting around 2015, proceeded: “In any case, when I returned to the vehicle in the first part of the day, the shoes were no more. So my sneakers for the competition had been taken, so I needed to go to the nearby professional shop and purchase various shoes, distinctive brand, which isn’t the apocalypse, however clearly not great.

“Be that as it may, as I was planning for my training, my physio said to me: ‘Where’s your wedding band?’

“Also, I thought: ‘Goodness!’ I essentially attach my wedding band to my sneakers while I’m playing since I can’t play with it on my hand.

“Thus, yeah…my wedding band’s been taken too. Obviously, I’m in the terrible books at home, so I need to attempt to discover it.”

The previous world number one requested that his fans share his video message to “make quick work of it”.

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