Baseball Team White Sox: Is AJ Pierzynski a good Hall of Fame candidate?

While examining Hall of Fame Candidates, not a many individuals consider long-lasting Chicago White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski who will be qualified to show up on the 2021-22 voting form this December. It’s questionable whether the polling form will be sufficiently extra to incorporate Pierzynski, however he will doubtlessly show up on it. I’m here to not just contend that he ought to be on the polling form, yet you can likewise put forth a defense that he has the right to get a few votes also.

Anthony John “A.J.” Pierzynski spent an amazing 19 seasons in the major associations as a Major League catcher. Eight of those years accompanied the Chicago White Sox from 2005-2012, the first he assisted them with winning the World Series.

During his experience with the Minnesota Twins, he was a preferred player over his partner David Ortiz. He is a double cross elite player and ought to have had a third appearance in 201 however was censured and needed to agree to a Silver Slugger grant all things considered.

He is one of 10 players to play most of their games at catcher and get 2000 hits and has a Hall of Fame screen score of 108, with the normal expected Hall of Famer coming in at 100. His most similar hitter is Yadier Molina, his previous colleague and considered by baseball individuals to be a future Hall of Famer.

AJ Pierzynski was one of the most incredible Chicago White Sox catchers in establishment history.

The 2005 White Sox lack regard they merit, which is the reason one of their players should make the corridor of popularity. For the Hall of Fame Class of 2022, the two players probably going to make the Hall are Curt Schilling (who got 71% last time) and novice David Ortiz.

On the off chance that two players from the 2004 Red Sox will make the Hall of Fame one year from now, then, at that point, players from the 2005 White Sox need to get a more genuine look too. The 2005 White Sox were a preferred group over the 2004 Red Sox as they had a superior record in the normal and post-season.

They were similarly pretty much as noteworthy as they broke a considerably longer revile of 88 years. Regardless of this, the 2005 White Sox has just a single Hall of Famer in Frank Thomas and he wasn’t even on the post-season program.

To give the 2005 White Sox the regard they merit, their players need to get more Hall of Fame thought. Those players could incorporate Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle, and A.J. Pierzynski. In the event that the 2004 Red Sox will have three Hall of Famers (Pedro Martinez, Schilling, Ortiz), the 2005 White Sox merit no less than one (other than Frank Thomas).

One thing going for Pierzynski is that he is a catcher who moved past 2000 vocation hits. Of players who showed up in half or a greater amount of their games at the catcher position, just 10 have arrived at 2000 hits. These players are in the Hall of Fame aside from Jason Kendall and Yadier Molina (who probably will be).

Presently you could say this rundown doesn’t make any difference since Jason Kendall is anything but a meriting Hall of Famer yet when you change the standards to 2000 hits and 3000 vocation all out bases, the rundown is decreased to 9 players, AJ Pierzynski, and eight Hall of Famers.

Players who played half of their games at catcher with 2000 hits and 3000 all out bases:

Ivan Rodriguez

Ted Simmons

Carlton Fisk

Yogi Berra

Mike Piazza

Yadier Molina

Gary Carter

Johnny Bench

AJ Pierzynski

Pierzynski isn’t on par with any of these players however he’s very near Yadier Molina, to some extent unpleasantly.

Pierzynski’s correlation list on baseball reference remembers 2 players as of now for the Hall just as Yadier Molina. His most equivalent player with a similitude score of 946.9, with 1000 being an ideal correlation. Presently, the fundamental contrast among Molina and Pierzynski all things considered is protection. Unpalatably, they’re amazingly like each other with Pierzynski being simply somewhat better.

The explanation Hall of Fame electors could possibly consider Molina a first-polling form Hall of Famer while hand-waving Pierzynski is that Yadier Molina has 9 Gold Gloves and Pierzynski has none. Obviously 9 Gold Gloves, even at a top notch position, doesn’t make somebody a Hall of Famer.

Andruw Jones has 10 and Omar Vizquel and Keith Hernandez have 11. None have made the Hall of Fame at this point. It’s a genuine inquiry to posture to individuals who think Molina is an outright sure thing why they wouldn’t likewise consider tossing a vote towards Pierzynski.

Pierzynski wasn’t incredible at controlling the running match-up yet he was a decent game guest and possible a decent pitch designer. Pierzynski got a no-hitter (Mark Buehrle) just as an ideal game (Phil Humber).

He additionally found the best throwing staff in baseball in 2005. Shockingly, pitch-outlining information just returns to 2008 yet I recollect Pierzynski being very acceptable at it. Basically by my eye test, he was pitch-outlining before it was a thing.

Given the fragmented information on pitch outlining, I wouldn’t place an excessive amount of stock into Pierzynski’s statically helpless guarded WAR. Pierzynski was logical truly outstanding at pitch-outlining for the majority of his profession however possible declined once scientifically disapproved of groups started to get on and he was approaching the finish of his vocation. All things considered, Pierzysnki likewise once in a while made a mistake in the field and that should count for essentially something.

In light of Bill James’ Hall of Fame Monitor, Pierzynski scores a 108, making him a reasonable Hall of Famer. In light of baseball-reference WAR, Pierzynski is at 23.8, which is not even close to meriting. Obviously, the corridor of acclaim screen is defective yet WAR is also, particularly for catchers. So you can utilize sabermetrics to contend that Pierzynski is either a probable Hall of Famer or not even close to meriting. Call it 50/50.

As I would like to think, he fits some place in the center, not a probable Hall of Famer but rather somewhere around one meriting an appearance on the polling form. Ideally, some Chicago essayists put a mark of approval close to his name. In the event that he doesn’t basically show up on a polling form stacked with marginal competitors, I will be really baffled.

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