January 29, 2023
Drunk living people stuffed in the coffin!

Drunk living people stuffed in the coffin!

Drunk living people stuffed in the coffin!

A traumatized young man has claimed he was buried in a coffin as a ‘human sacrifice’ against his will. On August 1, this exciting incident took place during the Mother Earth Festival in El Alto, Bolivia.

Victor Hugo Maika Alvarez (30) was a guest at the annual festival. Where the tribals gathered to worship Goddess Pachamama. Alvarez reportedly drank too much alcohol to celebrate the festival. At this time he also lost consciousness.

When he regained consciousness after a few hours, he felt pressure to urinate. Then he realizes that he is lying inside a glass coffin; Above which is the soil layer. “We were dancing,” Alvarez told local media Jam Press. I also drank a lot of alcohol during the event.

‘All I remember is that I was lying in bed and got up to urinate. But I couldn’t move at all.’

He said, I pushed and broke the coffin. Later, the gap in the glass melted and dirt started falling inside. I managed to get out after a lot of effort. I was buried alive.

British daily Metro reports that once Alvarez regained consciousness,

Drunk living people stuffed in the coffin!

he realized he was being driven to the town of Achachachi, about 50 miles from where he had been drinking at the start of the event. After reporting this incident to the police, the officials did not believe it.

At that time the police officials called him drunk and asked him to calm down at home. He told the police that he was not a fraud. Alvarez later told the local media about this incident. In pictures published in the media, he is seen bloodied and bruised.

Alvarez said he had no doubt that he was sacrificed as a human sacrifice at the Pachamama festival. They wanted to use me as a decoy, he told Metro. Offerings to the god Sullu. Where sweets, herbs, eggs and other drinks are also offered.