January 28, 2023
Even if you pay in advance, you will not get a job

Even if you pay in advance, you will not get a job

Even if you pay in advance, you will not get a job!

In recent times, accusations of embezzlement of lakhs of rupees in the name of providing jobs are being raised against Trinamool Congress leaders and ministers. In this case, allegation of not giving job even after taking money has spread sensation all over Bengal. Keeping that trend, the poster was read in Nadia’s Chapra (Chapra) area, about which there is already noise everywhere.

Currently, the politics of Bengal is in full swing, starting from SSC to primary test and other issues. On the one hand, when serious allegations against Partha Chatterjee and other leaders and ministers have come to light, on the other hand, there has already been a sensation around embezzlement of money in different parts of Bengal in the name of giving jobs. The opposition parties are attacking the ruling party one after another on all these issues. In the midst of this, the Trinamool Congress made the now controversial poster in the area adjacent to the Chapra bus stand, increasing the discomfort of the Trinamool Congress.

It should be noted that there is currently a sensation around the controversial poster in Chapra area. In this case, the name of the legislator of the area and the block Trinamool president are involved. What’s on the posters? Several posters are currently seen in the area adjacent to Chapra bus stand. Where it is written, “Advance money was taken in the name of giving employment. However, it is not possible to provide employment at present. So those who paid advance money will be refunded on 15th September. Advance payers should contact the specified address.”

Even if you pay in advance, you will not get a job

Later Chapra MLA Rukbanur Rahman, Trinamool president Shukdev Brahm and his brother’s name were also mentioned in the poster. This incident of Chapra in Nadia district has already caused noise everywhere. However, the Trinamool MLA countered that the BJP and other opposition parties are behind the incident.

He said, “During the assembly polls, some people fought together with BJP and CPM. Who could not beat us later and that is why fake news is being spread in our name now. These are some conspiracies. Local people know what is right and what is wrong. Everyone knows who is making this conspiracy.”

However, BJP has raised anger against the ruling party in this incident. BJP leader Prakash Adhikari said, “In the next period, trunks full of money will be recovered from under the beds of Trinamool Congress leaders here. Chapra Legislative Assembly is currently riddled with corruption. They have embezzled a lot of money from people in the name of job. All will be saved.”