Huw Edwards says his 20-year fight with despondency left him ‘incapacitated’

BBC News at Ten moderator Huw Edwards couldn’t get up during his 20-year fight with misery

Newsreader Huw Edwards has uncovered his 20-year fight with misery at times avoided him scarcely ready to get with regard to bed.

The BBC News at Ten moderator, 60, said that he had been “laid up” by psychological wellness issues, adding: “I would have rather not go to work.”

Columnist Huw said the issues began in 2002, in a matter of seconds before he turned into the primary pres­­enter of the BBC’s evening news program.

He said: “Individuals will generally imagine that assuming you are certain, then, at that point, you never question yourself.

“However, that is false. Like everybody that endures with sorrow, you don’t get one episode of it. It travels every which way.

“For my purposes, it began around 2002… I went down decently fast and I was unable to get it. I would have rather not address anyone.

“Perhaps it was mostly because of the way that I was troubled in work.

“I was unable to depict how overpowering it was. I had somewhat of an alarm and I had never encountered that.

He uncovered his 20-year fight with melancholy avoided him incapable to get with regard to bed ( Picture: BBC News and Current Undertakings by means of Getty Pictures)

Opening up in a Welsh-language narrative praising his vocation, the dad of-five added: “At whatever point I needed to go in real time, I would in a real sense need to tell myself, ‘Come on now, you’ll be alright at this point. You simply need to do it,’ and I just needed to propel myself as it were.

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