January 29, 2023
New danger signal in Europe due to terrible fires

New danger signal in Europe due to terrible fires

New danger signal in Europe due to terrible fires

Firefighters from across Europe have flocked to the south of France to battle the raging blaze.

Around the same time, fires started in parts of Portugal and England due to severe drought.

Constant fires are a fresh reminder of the dangers of climate change.

Most of Europe faces scorching temperatures. Germany’s Rhine river is also on the verge of drying up.

The water level of the river is going down.

The Thames is much drier than in previous years.

There is a risk of new fires spreading in the Gironde in southwestern France.

  • High-temperatures and increasing droughts are threatening Europe.
  • Local officials say that several thousand hectares of forest area has already been burnt, although there was some relief at night after bringing the fire under control.
  • More than 10,000 people have been displaced and taken to safe havens.
  • According to the British daily Guardian, firefighters from various European countries, including Germany, Romania, Greece, have gathered in France.
  • They are helping to bring the fires under control in the country.
  • Cristian Buhainu, a Romanian firefighter stationed in Gironde, said, “What country am I in;
  • It doesn’t matter, we are firefighters. We are here to help.
  • French commandant St├ęphanie Martin congratulated European firefighters for bringing a major blaze under control last month.
  • He said, after a long month of hard work, our workers are tired. It is good help for us.
  • Now we can turn our attention to other aspects.
  • France’s third wildfire is expected to die down on Sunday. Which may bring some relief to the citizens.
  • The fire has already left huge destruction.
  • According to the news, the fire in France has burnt seven thousand 400 hectares of forest to ashes.

Which would be equal in size to the city of Nice

New danger signal in Europe due to terrible fires

  • According to firefighters, people’s homes were destroyed in the monstrous fire.
  • “The fire destroyed the house of our ancestors,” said Juliette Pillaine, an 18-year-old student who lives in the center of Gironde.
  • Our family has lived in this house for many years.
  • This news is very painful for my grandparents.
  • A fire has been raging in central Portugal for the past seven days.
  • One thousand 600 firefighters are fighting against the fire using 13 water-bombers. One of these was sent from Spain.
  • The fire has already destroyed fifteen percent of Estrella National Park.

After the fire started in Kovilha area on Saturday, it spread to neighboring councils. 15,000 hectares of forest land has been burnt in these areas.

Meanwhile, the water level of the Rhine River in Germany has dropped. It is obstructing the navigation.

The fires have reached extremes in Britain.

Prolonged drought has been declared in southern, central and eastern England.

The hot and dry climate has made the normal life of the natives unbearable.