January 27, 2023
Record revenues from Salt Bay restaurants

Record revenues from Salt Bay restaurants

Record revenues from Salt Bay restaurants

London’s hot and controversial Salt Bay restaurant rakes in record revenue. In the first three months after opening in September 2021, the restaurant generated £7 million in revenue. Which is equal to 185 crores 70 lakhs 65 thousand 367 Pakistani rupees.

Nusret UK Limited, the restaurant’s operating company, released its income statement this week, a year after opening the restaurant in London. The company said that the restaurant has made a profit of 2.3 million pounds so far. Which is more than expected.

  • A Red Bull drink at the coveted restaurant costs £11. A steak costs £630. Which is equal to 1 lakh 60 thousand Pakistani rupees.
  • The main attraction of the restaurant is its chef. Name is Nusret Gokche. He is known worldwide as ‘Salt Bay’. At the age of 14, he joined a slaughterhouse in Istanbul, Turkey as an apprentice, and today he is one of the most popular and richest chefs in the world.
  • Nusret Gokç was born into a poor Kurdish family in Erzurum, Anatolia, Turkey. Father was a miner. The father put his son to work in the slaughterhouse after leaving school to fetch salt in the Punta Furano family. He mastered the art of cutting meat very well.
  • In this gap, he saved some money and traveled to Argentina and the United States between 2007 and 2010. Various restaurants work there for free. The objective is only one, to manage the restaurant. Besides learning different methods of meat cutting and cooking. After returning home in 2010, he opened his first restaurant in Istanbul. The name is Salt Bay.
  • Branch spread in Dubai in 2014. But it takes some time to become more famous and popular.

On January 7, 2017, Nusret Gokche aka Salt Bey caught the attention of the world by posting a 36-second video titled ‘Ottoman Stay’ on social media.

Record revenues from Salt Bay restaurants

A video of Gokhra cutting meat in his own style and sprinkling salt on the meat with his hands in snake pose went viral. The views of which exceed one crore. He became a star overnight. Then another video went viral; Which is viewed 4 million times.

His current number of fans on Instagram is around four crores. This popularity brought him skyrocketing business success. The number of his restaurants is increasing. Spread across the borders of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to Doha, Ankara, Bodrum, Istanbul, Marmaris, Jeddah, Mykonos in Greece and Miami, California, Dallas, Beverly Hills, New York and London.

Stars ranging from Maradona, Messi, Neymar and Beckham to Oscar-winning Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio are regular guests of the restaurant, who are treated in a special way by Salt Bay himself. British footballer Danny Welbeck celebrates scoring a goal by throwing salt.

Even Hollywood actor Ben Affleck and world-famous singer Rihanna can be seen wearing T-shirts with Salt Ber portraits. R&B star Beyoncé invited Salt Bey to cook a party at her house. For this he took 20 thousand US dollars as remuneration.

Famous stars from other countries, including Hollywood, sat in front of him and watched the scene of salt sprinkling and were impressed. Despite the exorbitant cost of the food, there are many who visit his restaurant just to witness Salt Ber’s special gesture.