January 27, 2023
Shakib's phone conversation with BCB president

Shakib's phone conversation with BCB president

Shakib’s phone conversation with BCB president

Shakib Al Hasan has signed an agreement with Betwinner News, a subsidiary of Betwinner. BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon has already warned that if the contract is not cancelled, the door of the national team may be closed for the Tiger all-rounder.
What Shakib told Papon on the phone

Shakib Al Hasan is the biggest star in Bangladesh cricket. Twenty-two yard performance, record breaking or controversial activities are always discussed. Apart from this, it is said that Shakib always gets some discount from BCB. A Tiger A all-rounder is exempted from taking leave during national team games or playing in foreign franchise leagues. Now, however, the situation is getting complicated for him.

  • Betwinner news ambassador said that on his Facebook page. BCB did not take it well. Maybe Shakib himself did not think that BCB would go to such a strict position. In the meantime, a letter was sent to him from the board informing him of the cancellation of the contract. But Shakib has not yet answered.
  • BCB President Nazmul Hasan Papon sat in a closed door meeting at the Beximco office in Dhanmondi with some senior officials of the Bangladesh Cricket Board to decide on Shakib. After the meeting, the board president told the media about Shakib’s contract with Betwinner, “There is no chance of second thoughts on the Shakib issue. I have been saying since the beginning, we have zero tolerance in this regard. We will not accept any interpretation of the matter. Cricketers like Ashraful have also been excluded for a time. There is really no chance here.’
  • Papon said, “He (Shakib) has been given a letter. It was supposed to be answered yesterday.
  • But I heard he will tell by today.
  • Then we will decide whether he will stay or not

Shakib's phone conversation with BCB president

BCB will take strict action if Shakib doesn’t back down from his decision, he said, warning that there is no possibility of any involvement (with Betwinner News). Must come out completely. If he does not do this, the captaincy is far away, he will not be in the team. There is no exemption in this regard. This decision has already been taken. Papon also said that the cricketer who will be involved with betting, will not have any kind of relationship with the team.

Meanwhile, the board president was asked whether there was a talk with Shakib or not. In this regard, Papon said, ‘I had a talk with him yesterday (Wednesday) night. He said he was replying to the letter. Although the letter has not yet arrived. There is a time difference between the two countries, maybe because of this there is a delay.

In response to the question whether he will get exemption, Shakib said, “There was no discussion with him except about my letter.” There is no question of convincing.