January 29, 2023
Sonu searches for interest money

Sonu searches for interest money

Sonu searches for interest money

He is called a real life superhero. He became India’s national star during the Corona pandemic. Helped many people. He is Sonu Sood.

As much as he got popularity by acting in movies, he reached many times more people by doing humanitarian work.

Even after the pandemic, Sonu Sood has continued his collaborative work. His charity work is often publicized.

The question may arise, where does Sonu get so much money without working much in movies? How he spends billions of money for people?

It is known that Sonu Sud’s total wealth is more than 130 crore rupees. His main source of income is not movies, rather he earns more from advertisements.

He earns a total of 2-3 crores per movie. However, he earns a lot of money as a model for various product companies.

Sonu Sood was born in Moga, Punjab. He spent his school life there. His mother was a professor and his father was a businessman. After completing school,

Sonu passed electronics engineering from Nagpur. However, he started acting instead of pursuing a career in engineering. He established himself by struggling.

Sonu Sood lives in a 2,600 square feet luxury apartment in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. He also has two other flats in Mumbai, a luxury hotel in Juhu and a bungalow in his home town Moga.

Sonu has a special interest in cars. His car collection includes a Mercedes Benz ML Class 350 CDI, priced at Rs 66 lakh. There is the Audi Q7, which costs around Rs 80 lakh. There is also Porce Panama worth 2 crores.

Despite his wealth, Sonu Sood has always liked to think of himself as ordinary. His association with people is close to the ground. So if someone comes to him in danger, he does not have to return empty-handed.🔱