January 29, 2023
Staff looking for a clinic to vomit

Staff looking for a clinic to vomit

Staff looking for a clinic to vomit

A clinic in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has advertised a novel job for workers who can vomit on command. And after the publication of their job advertisement, the flood of applications also flowed.

According to a report by the Netherlands Times, the local newspaper of the country, many applications have been submitted, quoting Martje Kroes, a psychiatrist at the clinic. Which have become almost impossible to verify.

Anxiety, worry and various types of mental problems are treated in that medical center called ‘The Kint Clinic’ in the capital Amsterdam. Researchers at the medical center needed a worker who could induce vomiting regardless of mental state.

The organization needs a part-time worker to monitor the propensity of patients to vomit during treatment for various phobias and mental disorders. According to the local media, the clinic has received applications from around 100 people so far.

An employee of the same position left the job and now the company is looking for new employees. However, the company did not say anything about how much salary will be given in this job.

Martje Kroes posted this job notification on social media Facebook. He told a local media that more applications have been received than expected. I don’t have time to go through so many applications and respond to them.