January 28, 2023
That is why Pakistan is not taking relief from Bangladesh

That is why Pakistan is not taking relief from Bangladesh

That is why Pakistan is not taking relief from Bangladesh

Due to heavy rainfall throughout the monsoon and the melting of the glaciers in the mountainous regions, Pakistan, which has suffered the worst flood in recorded history, has said that it is not possible for Islamabad to accept the relief goods from Bangladesh in any way.

  • A senior politician of the country told the Emirate-based English daily Nation that this relief is not possible due to the separation of the then East Pakistan from Pakistan in the war of liberation in 1971 and the emergence of Bangladesh and the Awami League, the party that led the liberation war, has accused the Pakistani military of genocide in various international forums including the United Nations. .
  • He told The Nation on Tuesday, “How can we take their relief aid, tell me?” Don’t you know what they say in various international forums including the United Nations? They abuse us and claim—defeated us in 1971.’
  • According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the amount of rainfall received in most parts of the country during the monsoon season this year has broken the rainfall record of the last 40 years. Due to heavy rains and consequent melting of glaciers in the northern mountains of the country, unprecedented floods started in Pakistan from last June-July.
  • A third of the country is still under flood water. According to official data, the death toll has already exceeded 1,500 and lakhs of people are spending days and nights under the open sky without shelter, aid and supplies. More than 33 million people in Pakistan have been affected by this flood and the flood has already caused several billion dollars in damage, according to the country’s disaster management department.

That is why Pakistan is not taking relief from Bangladesh

In this situation, like many countries in the world, Bangladesh also offered to send relief aid to the flood victims to the government of Pakistan. Officials of the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management of Bangladesh said that on December 12, the government offered to provide relief goods to Pakistan.

These items included 10 tons of biscuits, 10 tons of dry cake, 10,000 water purification tablets, 50,000 packets of oral saline, 5,000 mosquito nets, 2,000 blankets and 2,000 tents.

The Government of Pakistan refused to accept this relief. But nothing is clearly known about the reason for this impossibility.

The politician told The Nation, “The way they (Bangladesh) make negative comments about us, our army in the international forum, if we take relief from them now, there is nothing left to say about our dignity. The geographical integrity of Pakistan is very important to us.