January 29, 2023
The Chinese young man quit his job in pride

The Chinese young man quit his job in pride

The Chinese young man quit his job in pride!

In two years of Corona, the whole world is crying about jobs. The Russia-Ukraine conflict started as soon as the outbreak of the Corona virus started. In addition to the state of the world, the job market has become more volatile. However, even in this difficult time, a young Chinese woman left her job just out of shame. However, after hearing the incident, many people say that pride is reasonable. The incident was reported by Chinese media. News India Times.

A young Chinese woman quit her job because her colleagues did not come to the wedding. The beginning of the incident was good. The marriage of the unidentified young woman was fixed a few days ago. Immediately after that, he invited all the workers of all levels of the office with wedding cards. At first thought, it might not be possible to invite everyone in the office. Invite only high-ranking and close people. But later he realized that doing so could create an adverse situation. So he invited everyone in the office. About 70 people were working in that office at different levels.

Naturally, the presence of office colleagues in the wedding ceremony creates a different atmosphere. That’s what the young woman expected. That’s why he was fully prepared. Tell the family and prepare food specially for them. Six tables were set apart for them to eat and drink.

The Chinese young man quit his job in pride

The bride was eagerly waiting for them. But in the end he had to be extremely disappointed. Only one out of 70 colleagues attended the wedding. As a result, he has to be uncomfortable in all directions. This young lady has to bear the ridicule of many people. On the other hand, the food arranged for them is also spoiled. The young woman had to accept a big financial loss.

The unnamed young woman could not digest the matter. The next day, he resigned from the job after entering the office. The reason has also been told to everyone. He said, despite inviting the entire office, no one came to the wedding except one. That is why he is leaving the job. Colleagues felt great discomfort when the matter became known.