January 26, 2023
negative attitude of the United States towards Taiwan

negative attitude of the United States towards Taiwan

The negative attitude of the United States towards Taiwan

Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Krittenbrink of the US Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs said the US does not support Taiwan’s independence and is committed to the ‘one China’ policy. But Beijing would make a mistake if it pressured Taiwan. He expressed this opinion while speaking in a video conference. News TRT World.

Daniel Krittenbrink said on Wednesday that US policy on China and Taiwan has not changed. Washington agrees with the ‘One China’ policy and does not support Taiwan’s formal independence. The US has made clear to China that there has been no change in the US position on Taiwan.

According to reports, China views Taiwan as its province. China has expressed outrage over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei and military exercises around Taiwan. However, Taiwan rejects Beijing’s claims and considers itself an independent country.

Krittenbrink said China used Pelosi’s visit as a pretext and disturbed the peace. The moves are part of China’s intensifying pressure on Taiwan, which China is expected to continue in the future.

It is clear that China wants to repressively intimidate Taiwan and undermine its independence.

negative attitude of the United States towards Taiwan

But he believes that US lines of communication with Beijing will remain open and that the US will maintain regular naval transit through the Taiwan Strait.

US-Taiwan New Trade Initiative: Meanwhile, the US and Taiwan have agreed to begin trade talks under a new initiative. That is why they want to reach a meaningful agreement. The two sides reached an agreement on trade talks on Wednesday, the Office of the US Trade Representative said. The first round of talks is expected to take place as early as this fall.

“We plan to pursue an ambitious schedule to achieve meaningful results on trade,” U.S. Deputy Trade Representative Sarah Bianchi said in a statement. The negotiating mandate will focus on eleven trade areas. which will help build a fairer, more prosperous and sustainable economy in the 21st century.