January 28, 2023
thief was identified on the basis of mosquitoes

thief was identified on the basis of mosquitoes

The thief was identified on the basis of mosquitoes

Police find all possible ways to solve a mystery or catch a criminal.

But detection of criminals from mosquito clues is a new and surprising technique.

But such an incident happened in China.

The police have solved a mysterious theft in the country on the basis of this small mosquito.

At the same time the thief was caught.

  • According to Chinese police, the thief was arrested on the basis of DNA samples obtained from the blood of two dead mosquitoes.
  • In June, a thief broke the lock of a building in the city of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China and escaped with some valuables,
  • the South China Morning Post BBC reported. Later, when the police went to the flat after receiving the complaint,
  • the door of the flat was locked from inside.
  • From this, the police surmised that the thief entered the flat through the balcony and fled from there.
  • Not only that, he spends the night comfortably there before escaping. Even cook noodles for dinner.
  • Police in Fuzhou City say the burglars also lit a mosquito coil while sleeping in the bedroom of the house with a bed sheet.
  • The coil was recovered.
  • They also found two dead mosquitoes there.

Mosquitoes and fresh blood stains can be seen on the walls of that room

thief was identified on the basis of mosquitoes

Police say, during the investigation, they think that these two mosquitoes may have bitten the thief while he was stealing.

As a result, the thief killed the two mosquitoes by pressing them against the wall.

Later, the police collected the blood from the wall. His DNA sample was sent to a lab for analysis.

A DNA sample of a listed criminal was found to match that sample.

Then after many attempts, the police arrested him 19 days after the incident.

The person also admitted the theft during interrogation.

He said that apart from this incident, he had stolen three other houses in the area.