January 27, 2023
Things you are not obligated to apologize for

Things you are not obligated to apologize for

Things you are not obligated to apologize for

Your choice is your own. So one should not explain to anyone about own choice but should proceed with confidence. Let’s take a look at some of the things you don’t have to apologize to anyone about.

Religious and political ideals

A very unstable and intolerant situation is developing in the world, including our country, for religious beliefs and political dissent. But only you have the right to decide which ideology you will follow. Because it is the identity of your personality. That is why you are not obliged to explain to anyone.

For your relationship

Always take control of the relationship. The right to decide which relationship will make you happy and where you will be unhappy should not be dependent on friends or anyone else to decide this matter. Because they may not see what you like in the person.

So take your decisions seriously in relation. You are independent, self-reliant. Maybe you’re comfortable being single for now or haven’t found the right person yet. Why are you alone, getting old – these questions may be heard from family or friends. But what you are happy with, why you are not in a relationship is only your decision. You are under no obligation to answer to anyone in these matters.

To disagree

There is no point in saying sorry to someone if you are not truly sorry. Among friends, there may be one who always thinks he is right and is eager to assert himself in all matters, whether asked or not. But you always have the right to disagree with his opinion. Never hesitate to express your opinion on anything.

for beshbhusha

Wear comfortable clothes. Dress up in whatever makeup you like. Don’t worry about your weight. How you look is entirely your personal matter. You never explain it to others. You can boast of a completely unique look of your own.

About career

If you got your dream job, great. If you haven’t, then you need to think carefully before entering any profession. After thinking about everything, enter a profession. Maybe you don’t make a lot of money, but you are happy with your work. Or you feel bored in your job but your family is well off in salary. But whatever the case may be, don’t change your profession because of someone else’s words. You are not obligated to answer anyone for this.

For financial status

Maybe your bank balance is pretty good or you’re living without savings. But no one has the right to interrogate you about it, and you are not obliged to tell anyone about these things. A man is worth much more than the money he earns. Never feel inferior about your financial status.

About the goal of life

Goals can be your life goals or personal goals. These goals give you the energy to live and you work day and night to make your dreams come true. People who have problems with your goals in life may not have any goals in life. Don’t let anyone come between you and your dreams.