UK’s Johnson faces new outrage over lockdown party break

English state head Boris Johnson was involved Tuesday in one more embarrassment over his administration’s supposed lockdown breaks as police said they were researching a Downing Street gathering went to by many high ranking representatives.

In the most recent in a line of such claims, Johnson and others supposedly held a savors assembling the nursery of his authority home in May 2020 when any in-person mingling was banned.

An email released late Monday demonstrated that Martin Reynolds, a senior government employee, welcomed in excess of 100 Downing Street partners to “bring your own liquor” to the occasion, which Johnson and his significant other Carrie supposedly joined in.
The possibly profoundly harming disclosures follow a progression of comparative allegations which arose last month about Downing Street parties held during later lockdowns in the approach Christmas in 2020.

They provoked Johnson to designate one more senior government employee, Sue Gray, to explore the charges, and she is currently expected to extend her test to cover the new cases.

In the interim in an assertion delivered late Monday, London police said they were likewise making enquiries over possible breaks of the lockdown laws according to the May gathering.

“The Metropolitan Police Service knows about boundless revealing connecting with supposed breaks of the Health Protection Regulations at Downing Street on May 20 2020 and is in touch with the Cabinet Office,” the power said.

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