YouTube fighter Jake Paul EXPOSED for wearing phony watches and boasting about it

YouTuber-cum-fighter Jake Paul has been blamed for wearing FAKE watches by individual fighter Gervonta Davis.

Paul will be taking on previous UFC champion Tyron Woodley in Florida this evening, the most recent section in what has been a genuinely strange boxing profession up to this point.

While the American has attempted to demonstrate his accreditations to the ‘no-nonsense’ boxing fans and has distanced many, there’s one thing that can’t be denied – he’s huge information.

The HUGE survey crowd that Paul has carried with him from YouTube has been effectively changed over into PPV deals, making boxing his most beneficial business road.

Be that as it may, would he say he is, even with a huge number of dollars in his pocket, actually wearing FAKE watches? The respectable ‘fakewatchbuster’ on Instagram thinks along these lines, with Gervonta Davis reposting the allegation.
Taking into account the number of unwarranted and ridiculous burrows individuals have taken at Paul trying to destroy his standing, you wouldn’t be altogether shocked on the off chance that this was simply one more.

Nonetheless, there is a genuine chance that Paul doesn’t realize that the watch he’s wearing is phony. It happens routinely to big names, who succumb to trick specialists.

That doesn’t make it any less humiliating, notwithstanding!

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